Are conflict or stress affecting your workplace?

Do you have a stressed employee?
Are teams not getting on, and not working effectively together?
Are differences of opinion and belief causing conflict?
Do you face diversity, equality and inclusion challenges, but don’t know where to turn?
At View from a Dove we can help you gain clarity and understanding, chart paths to resolution and harmony, and work alongside you to implement solutions that are effective in a wide variety of settings. Because peaceful people are quite simply more productive.

At View from a Dove we help you gain clarity and understanding, and chart paths to resolution and harmony. Because people work better in peaceful, supportive environments.

Gain understanding and clarity

Do you ever wonder what’s going on and why things are so conflicted between people?  Pressures and stress can make life hard, and at work can go on to disrupt entire teams, and wider workplace culture. Understanding and getting on top of issues quickly stops them getting out of control and causing disruption. 

Move from conflict to harmony

How can you help to make sure people with different backgrounds and viewpoints work effectively together? We can move teams from disruption to alignment, so that everyone gets back to the task at hand and working well together. Leaving conflict behind, can even leave a positive buzz in its wake… 

Addressing needs in a corporate environment

We educate people in groups, using streamlined sessions to minimise disruption, at times that work. With a light-hearted approach, interactive exercises, and examples to embed learning quickly, we connect people and get them joining the dots for themselves. This isn’t your average ‘lunch and learn’!

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About Che

  • Worked as a senior corporate manager for 15+ years
  • Responsible for training internal and external teams
  • 1st class BSc degree in psychology from Leeds University
  • Qualified independent stress management trainer
  • 5+ years independent research into gender diversity
  • Lived experience of gender diversity and neurodiversity
  • Freelance trainer and executive coach for 10+ years
  • Proud to be an Associate Consultant for The Diversity Trust
  • Collaborates with other specialist practitioners as required

Che Barnes

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The impact of the workshop extended far beyond the session, igniting conversations and fostering a greater sense of understanding and empathy within our organization.
What stood out the most was Che's inclusive and engaging style. It was heartening to witness individuals from our community stepping forward to seek guidance on supporting their peers.
Whether by design, or otherwise, I think that your session will resonate with all but the most cynical, and they will learn something from it and ideally become just that little more tolerant and that little more inquisitive.
Absolutely fascinating and informative. Thanks for providing me with more understanding and clarity on this subject.
This has been so helpful to me personally and I feel I can understand things more that I didn't prior to today. I have a close friend who is Trans and this training will really help me to understand her more, and to not make a mistake that could upset her.
So much information that I’ve not heard before to try and relieve stress! Would definitely recommend this training.

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